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What is SAORI Weaving? Go to the About SAORI page to learn its philosophy.
Experience and learn SAORI Weaving at SAORINOMORI. We can arrange special workshop for the visitors from outside Japan. Go to the Class & Fees page to find more detail.
We have SAORINOMORI Weavers' Condo to accommodate the weavers visiting us from outside Japan.
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SAORINOMORI manufactures and sells SAORI looms and accessories. Check the SAORI looms & Yarns page to find more detail.

SAORINOMORI's YouTube Channel

—Let's go to Saorinormori. To weave the one-and-only art. To weave yourself.—
Sorry, the captions are in Japanese on the movie below.
Hope you will enjoy the photos.

View this movie on the Youtube.

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