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We sell SAORI looms and yarns

We sell SAORI looms and yarns at the studio.

The SAORI looms are the most friendly looms available in the world. Please try and weave on them at SAORINOMORI.

We manufacture SAORI looms and yarns
We have a factory on the first floor of the SAORINOMORI building.

At our factory, the experienced craftspeople assemble and adjust each loom and ship it to the weavers in all over Japan and overseas.

SAORINOMORI, is the manufacturer of the hand weaving looms.

We also have a large space of yarn producing factory and warehouse on the first floor.

We make cones of original yarns specially designed for hand weaving.

We also have 30 thousands cones of yarns at our warehouse.
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The complete on-line catalogue is available.

The complete on-line catalogue is available on our company website at:

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