SAORINOMORI means "SAORI Forest" in Japanese

The whole view of the woods
where "SAORINOMORI" is located.
The building of SAORINOMORI.
Kenzo Jo built SAORINOMORI in the woods
hoping that weavers can weave in a relaxing atmosphere surrounded by the nature.
A walking trail in the woods.
Be relaxed, and feel the nature around you while weaving.

The studio space is located on the second floor of the building.

There are more than 30 looms in the studio.
The warps are set-up on the looms, so you can start to weave at once.

The looms were desgined especially for SAORI Weaving, so anyone can weave on these looms regardless of the age, experience, or physical/intellectual aptitude.

There are so many yarns/weaving threads at the studio with a variety of colour, materia and texture.

Select any weaving threads that you simply "like" , and start weaving.

The studio is very spacious, and from the large windows, you can see the trees of the woods surrounding the building.

Feel the nature around you, and be relaxed.
Release your hidden creativity, and simply enjoy weaving!

After 2-3 hours of weaving, you can finish a shawl, which represents yourself, one and only art created by yourself.

To see more detail about the classes offered at the studio, please go to the Class & Fees page.

There is a gallery with many SAORI Weaving clothes.

On the second floor of the building, there is also a gallery space where you can see many SAORI Weaving arts and clothes created by the weavers all over Japan.

Vests, jackets, skirts, brouse, shawls, bags... so many kinds of artworks.

They are available for sale too.

Many small items such as porches and purses are available for sale at the gallery.

They were created by the weavers at the facilies for people with disabilities.

They are very popular for souvenir and presents.

We have pecial events and exhibitions.

The photos from the past events and exhibitions are available on the Gallery page of our Japanese site.
Kenzo Jo, the representative of SAORINOMORI

Kenzo Jo, representative of SAORINOMORI, and the President of Sakaiseikisangyo Co., Ltd (SAORI loom manufacturing company), is the third son of Misao Jo, the founder of SAORI Weaving. He built the very first SAORI loom in 1969 to make a very simple and friendly loom for his mother. Then he kept improving his design to make a better loom, more suitable for the concepts and philosophy of SAORI Weaving. In accordance with the SAORI Weaving becoming more and more popular, the SAORI looms also spread throughout the country. After 40 years, now the both SAORI Weaving and SAORI looms are welcomed all over the world.

In 2004, Kenzo Jo built Saori-no-mori, the SAORI Weaving Studio and loom manufacturing site, in Izumi, Osaka, Japan. All the SAORI looms, accessories and weaving threads are produced here, and sent to the weavers in all over the world. Thanks to its unique concept and nice environment surrounded by the beautiful woods, the Saori-no-mori studio has been so popular that it welcomed more than 10,000 people in last 5 years.

SAORINOMORI is a new SAORI Weaving center, that opened where Misao Jo had started SAORI Weaving 40 years ago.

Kenzo would like all the weavers to fully enjoy SAORI weaving at the SAORINOMORI studio in a good environment surrouded by the beautiful woods, feeling the power of the nature. He believes this helps you to release the creativity hedding within you, and you will find your true self through free weaving.
SAORINOMORI has been receiving an attention from the media.

SAORINOMORI has been receiving a lot of attention from the media in Japan, and have been introduced in newspapers, magazines and TV's.

Check the Articles page of our Japanese site to see some examples.
We have a good access to the Osaka Kansai International Airport.

SAORINOMORI has a good access to the Osaka-Kansai International Airport. Very convenient location for visitors from Overseas.

Check the Access page to find more detail.
SAORINOMORI Weavers' Condo

SAORINOMORI opened a new lodging facility to accommodate those who come a long distance to learn SAORI Weaving.

SAORINOMORI Weavers' Condo is located in an apartment near SAORINOMORI.

It is 5 minutes away on foot.

There are three bedrooms, and about 10 people can stay at the same time. Have a relaxing time at Saorinomori Weavers' Condo!

SAORINOMORI Weavers' Condo

SAORINOMORI has branches in other part of Japan

We have the following branches in Japan.
*The following pages are available only in Japanese.

SAORINOMORI Tokorozawa - Saitama


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